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Welcome to IFFCO Seville products!

IFFCO is an innovative and integrated multi food products Group based in the United Arab Emirates. The Group, set up in 1975, has a significant presence in Impulse Foods, Agri Business, Oils & Fats, Packaging, Chemicals, Sales and Distribution.

Seville product limited is one of the IFFCO group company handling personal care business. Seville Personal care has been in business since 1994. Seville brands are developed with a sound understanding of consumer preferences of lather, feel, fragrance and cosmetic appeal. Our products are formulated with a discerning eye on culture specific choices and sensitivities. IFFCO brands win consumer’s hearts and loyalty in the Middle East, Africa, CIS and Western Asia and Eastern Europe with perfectly targeted products presented to the highest aesthetic standards.

“Prominent brands are Savannah, Royal Lather, Jini, Guardex, Eva, and Solar. We are offering beauty soaps and multi-purpose soaps to serve highly cost sensitive markets”.

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